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I am a web developer at Wolfram Research, photographer, and traveller.

My mother tongues are German and JavaScript, but I also speak and write Python, C++, Ruby, the Wolfram Language, and many others, including some English and Swedish. Learn more about my projects and me on this site.

Recent Posts

Three years at Wolfram

It’s unbelievable that it’s already more than three years since I’ve joined Wolfram. I’ve been working on the Wolfram Cloud, an effort to bring the power of Mathematica and the Wolfram Language into the web. I mainly worked on the in-browser notebook interface—a huge, but exciting challenge. I created a browser-based code editor, dealt a lot with typesetting, and designed and implemented an extensive model of “boxes” in JavaScript.

Perhaps I wouldn’t have thought so four years ago, but JavaScript is actually a really fun language to work with, and it’s an exciting time to do web development. The JS ecosystem has been growing dramatically over the last years, and the language itself is maturing, too.

I introduced nice tools like React and Webpack into the project, and I migrated everything (from—can you believe it?—CVS) to Git.

A really nice aspect of working at Wolfram is the great flexibility it offers, especially geographically: After two years in Champaign (which gets quite small after a while), I started to work remotely and moved to Chicago where I spent a little more than a year. It’s really a fantastic city (modulo winters)!

But the U.S. was never meant to be the “final destination”, so now I’m on my way back to home to good ol’ Austria, just with a little detour: For a few months, I’m exploring more of the Americas. After one month on the U.S. West Coast and one month in Central America, I just arrived in Buenos Aires. Check out longwayhome.poeschko.com dedicated to that long trip back home.

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