Mathematik C für Elektrotechniker

Published the script I wrote for third semester mathematics for electrical engineers. This is a joint 2007/08 work with Florian Lehner, based on work by Christian Meisl dating back to 1995. It’s still full of errors and typos, so please contact me if you find any! See the math documents page for the download link.


Just visited a free concert of Kal at the Orpheum in Graz. It was awesome! They call their style “Rock ‘n Roma”, a mixture of gipsy folk music and finest punk sounds. Absolutely shakable! ;-) The atmosphere was great, and though there were not that many people, you might have got the feeling that they were becoming more and more… I bought both of their albums, KAL (2006) and Radio Romanista (2008). Hope to see them back in Graz or somewhere else in Austria soon!

Liegen lernen

Great 2003 film (English title: “Learning to Lie”) by Hendrik Handloegten / X film, who also produced the films “Lola rennt” and “Goodbye Lenin”. From the soundtrack: e.g. Otomo by Tarwater, Inspite of Me by Morphine. I love the music playing when Helmut slips into the rain puddle, apparently it’s “Cotier Liegen Lernen” by Denzel and Huhn. Haven’t found a free full version of the song on the internet, but you can listen to a sample at Amazon.