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My first week in office here is over. And I liked it! As mentioned earlier, I was mainly working on a plan for what exactly to address this summer. We discussed it today and we’re all thrilled about the results that will hopefully be available in three months. It will certainly involve a lot of work, from reading papers to elaborate on methodology via programming code to calculate and visualize results to interpreting and presenting them. It will all be about “social aspects in ontology engineering” focussed on the development of ICD 11. I’ll tell you more when I have some noteworthy results. ;)

Office starts at 10am here, which suits me very well. When I showed up at 9am on Monday Gabrielle just said, “usually nobody’s here before 10, they’re all researchers, you know.” :) Of course, they might stay in office pretty late on the other hand.

People here are really nice. Particularly I’m in touch with Pablo (from Spain), who is also a visiting researcher here, and Tania (from Romania), who is a post-doc working on iCAT (the “Collaborative Authoring Tool” for ICD).

People are nice at least as long as you do your stuff right. No worries, I didn’t get into any troubles at all. But I witnessed a dialogue in an office next to me which reminded me a little bit of How I Met Your Mother’s “Chain of Screaming.” Well, it wasn’t really screaming of course, but someone told someone else very clearly what he thinks of the work the other did. And actually I liked it. I mean it wasn’t mean, it was just direct and very explicit. And even if it was mostly about details (“why is there no caption below this figure?”) it’s good to know that somebody actually cares about those details. However, in the end I heard them laughing again, so no big deal.

Today was not only nice because of the productive meeting but also because there was the department’s annual barbecue right afterwards. Free burgers and everything for everybody! :) It was located in a beautiful spot in Sculpture Garden. Weather was perfect as usual.

2 thoughts on “Corporate America

  1. Great to read you’re having a good time over there :) Love your pics as usual, the black and white cubicle sign in particular. Seems like your Stanford badge has your last name misspelled? :D

  2. Thanks! Yeah, I would never expect Americans to spell my name with an actual “ö”, but at least they could do it wrong consistently… ;) Not that I complained, but in the meanwhile I actually got a new office and sign that says “Poeschko” as well.

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