New challenges

Life has been pretty busy recently. I worked on my Google Summer of Code project implementing lattices in Sage; I continued working on several optimization projects, mostly dealing with the charging of multiple electric vehicles (in cooperation with FH Joanneum Kapfenberg and other companies); I took my last exams and finished my master’s thesis (“Optimization of a Purlin Punching Process”). I’m glad (and a little proud) that all of this worked out so well.

Adding to that, I organized my move to the U.S., where I finally landed and already began working for Wolfram Research. I am working as a Kernel Developer on Mathematica Online (or whatever it will be called once it gets released to the public). This is quite related to my previous work on Mathics.

Now, the sad news is that I have to stop actively coding on Mathics as a consequence. However, I see it in really good hands with Angus having already taken the lead recently, and he will certainly continue to keep Mathics flourish. Others are jumping in as well, so Mathics will not disappear, but grow further. Of course, I will still be there when assistance is needed, to merge in pull requests, and to keep the server running.

I’m really excited about the new challenges. I’ll share some of my experience on a special (rather personal) blog Go West, Young Jan. It’s in German so I don’t forget my mother’s tongue completely.

Let the adventure begin.

WordPress photo quality

I just noticed that WordPress kind of messes up my photos. It apparently drops the color space information (which would be AdobeRGB in my case), but OK, I shouldn’t upload them in AdobeRGB anyway, I guess. I mean I don’t even expect WordPress to convert my pictures to sRGB automatically (which would be most suitable for most viewers), but it could at least leave the color space information in place when producing thumbnails.

The other issue is that WordPress seems to use such strong compression or such a bad downsizing algorithm that images are getting pretty blurry. So I’ll export my photos in already-downsized sRGB next time to try if that helps. No more convenient direct upload of Aperture preview images… :(

Blog continued

This is my first blog entry from Stockholm and the first one since a long time ago. I still have no plans to maintain a personal blog about my experience here. However, I do write a diary so that I don’t forget the many things that happen. So if you want to know what happens in Stockholm, just ask me!

I definitely want to blog more in the future—probably not so much about personal stuff, but rather techie things. So expect more soon!

Imported tripedia blogspot blog

Just imported the previous blog, so don’t wonder why there are some posts before my “Hello world” post! I thought it might be good to have all stuff here in one place. (WordPress is getting higher and higher in my opinion, especially compared to blogspot—but don’t take that too serious, as I’m just a newbie in both worlds!)