Finally some words on last weekend, which was kind of awesome. On Friday I went to a “dive bar” for the first time, together with Pablo. I don’t know where “dive” really comes from, but in general it’s a rather relaxed (if not fucked up) place where locals tend to meet and dive into the evening. I do know where its name “Nuthouse” comes from though (or at least I found out as soon as I stepped into it): nuts and their shells lying all over the place. Literally everywhere. Although it felt a little dirty, I liked this place.

On Saturday there was work to do: grading assignments for the Mathematical Optimization course in Graz and some little project I’ve been working on with Daniel and Silvia. It was for a course in Graz, but stay tuned, we’ll launch it as soon as it’s more evolved, and it will rock the world! Although the day was work-ish, I enjoyed it cruising a little around campus and sitting in the sun having awesome frozen yogurt with fresh fruits. Yummy!

The highlight by all means was Sunday though. Met Ukrainian/Ozzie girl Svetlana who I know from Stockholm. We both didn’t expect to meet again before my romantic wedding on Hawaii where I would definitely invite her and she would definitely come. She and her boyfriend Peter picked me up from the Caltrain station and we had breakfast in a very nice café somewhere I would never ever find back again. Peter has been working for Facebook and is now taking some time off to sail around the world. He drives a Porsche and lives in an awesome three-story apartment in the heart of San Francisco. I guess he’s kind of rich. Just guessing. But still very nice and relaxed.

Together we went to SF Pride, a huge lesbian/gay/bisexual/transgender parade in San Francisco, which is world-famous for its strong LGBT community. Lots of nice and interesting people there, a striking feeling of freedom everywhere. A guy working for Google told me I’m cute. Sorry. (I know. :) )

The streets were pretty packed and it was hard to get a good spot for taking pictures, so sorry again, you have to come there if you want to get the real feeling of the craziness going on. Just don’t pay the 5 bucks “donation” to the SM/fetish corner—there’s no non-disgusting way it could be worth it.

Went back to Peter’s place to have salmon burgers, strawberries, and wine, accompanied by great music from Pandora. (There’s even ways to access Pandora in license-hell Europe, I think.)

Svetlana wanted to see her first baseball game, so I joined them for what would be my second one. Bought tickets on the internet and went there in a stretch limo. Business as usual. Had some beer. No, I did not pay 10 bucks for a single beer, seriously. Seriously. The Giants won. Awesome weekend.