Working and networking

With the slowly-becoming-usual delay, here’s what happened last week: On Monday, I was invited to the Innovation Ecosystems Summit by Martha Russell. Have a look at the authors of Semantic Analysis of Energy-Related Conversations in Social Media: A Twitter Case Study and you’ll know why I was invited. ;)

As expected, the conference was targeted more towards economics, which is of course not my primary scientific field of interest, but nevertheless it was very interesting. Listening to people like the director of an IBM research center at the world-wide hub of high-tech innovation feels just right. I particularly liked the session about data mining and visualization, starring charismatic Sean Gourley from Quid (a nice combination of data mining and visualization to locate innovative startups) and Mathieu Bastian from LinkedIn (who’s working on the awesome graph exploration tool Gephi). The food was pretty good as well. :)

On Tuesday, I continued working on stuff we (Mark, Tania, Markus, me) would discuss in our meeting on Wednesday. Basically, my work here aims at two things:

  1. understanding the collaboration of experts in the development of ICD-11, for instance by finding models to predict which concepts are likely to be changed (thereby measuring their “maturity”), and
  2. creating tools to examine and ideally improve collaboration.

While the first part naturally involves all sorts of statistics and machine learning stuff, the second part is rather of an engineering type. Interestingly enough, my TwitterExplorer (“twex”) comes into play again here, as it already provides the basics for browsing the ontology of diseases, which basically is a huge graph of diseases and categories they are in. People seem to like it.

I kept talking about it on Thursday, when I attended a presentation at the Triple Helix Conference by Camilla Yu, who used twex to analyze “branding and reputation of innovation hubs”. Moreover, I had a nice conversation with Jukka Huhtamäki from Finland about the potential future of a general interactive, Web-based network explorer. I’m really excited about working on it—as soon as I have time.