Rick, Thomas Jefferson, and other heroes

On Sunday, Claudia, Pablo and I went up to Sonoma, stopping at the famous Alamo Square and the Golden Gate Bridge. A really unique American with his totally American car was already celebrating 4th of July, that is, America. Well, actually he was Dutch, but that doesn’t matter.

We enjoyed winetasting at Homewood and Ledson winery, the nice town of Sonoma, Rick’s pool, and Californian strawberries. And—oh my god—the steaks! Sorry to the vegetarians out there, but this piece of meat was one pound of pure medium awesomeness.

Had a good night of sleep on the air mattress, in contrast to Pablo who slept on the comfortable couch. Poor old man ;) blamed it on his hurting back, but it might as well have been the coffee and the two Mountain Dews he had before going to sleep.

On Monday, 4th of July, America celebrated its Day of Independence. 235 years ago Congress had established the Declaration of Independence written by Thomas Jefferson and four others. The exact date of the declaration being signed might be different, but that doesn’t matter.

While half the population of Sonoma went crazy in the local parade, the other half watched and enjoyed. Being unbelievably liberal, you can even drink alcohol in public on that day—as long as you stay on the square and don’t cross the street. People enjoy that, though the problem is that apparently they not only cross the street, they do it the American way: in their car. However, in Sonoma, things were fun and peaceful.

After a great weekend, we went home via Richmond Bridge, Berkeley, and Dumbarton Bridge. Unfortunately, there were no fireworks in Palo Alto, but they are pretty much the same all around the world anyway.